It’s World Giraffe Day! Help Save This Gentle Giant From Extinction

In honor of World Giraffe Day 2017, WAN is highlighting the dedicated work of Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF), the only non-profit in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of wild giraffe in Africa.

A Namibian organization, GCF was established to raise awareness for, provide support to, and secure a future for giraffe, and work for the conservation of a viable habitat for the animals in Africa.

GCF founded World Giraffe Day on June 21, 2015 to “celebrate the longest-neck animal on the longest day of the year” and raises money on this important day each year to put towards assisting with life-saving initiatives.

For World Giraffe Day 2017, GCF is focused on helping the Masai giraffe in southern Kenya and Tanzania.

According to the organization, alarmingly, there are only 32,000 Masai giraffe remaining there; a number which has dropped more than half in the last three decades.

This year’s donations will help support GCF in its collaborative effort with local and regional partners in East Africa to help the stunning animals.

The organization is partnering with Kenya-Tanzania Borderland Conservation Initiative and its partners, as well as the Kenya Wildlife Service, to focus on community-based conservation of Masai giraffe.

Among their objectives, the groups aim is to collar Masai giraffe with GPS satellite solar units to better track each animal; equip local rangers to monitor survey and support anti-poaching of Masai giraffe; and to create an Africa-wide giraffe database that will help conservationists, wildlife managers, and researchers better understand giraffe distribution and ecology.

Donations raised on World Giraffe Day 2016 were used to raise awareness and funding in support of two programs in Kenya and Namibia.

As a result, earlier this month newly designed GPS solar satellite tracking units were assigned to 11 reticulated giraffes in Kenya. Per GCF, there are only an estimated 8700 reticulated giraffes remaining in the wild, making efforts such as this even more critical.

In Namibia, donations raised during  World Giraffe Day 2016 help to support the Khomas Environmental Education Program (KEEP), which inspires young Namibians to care for their environment through a specialized hands-on-field base program.

With the help of money raised, this year GCF has already hosted more than 1200 students and is on its way to meeting its target of 2500 inspired young Namibian conservationists.

To help the Giraffe Conservation Fund reach its goal of raising $100,000.00 this year for giraffe conservation, people can donate Here!

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