Japanese Zoo Kill 57 Snow Monkeys Carrying A Supposed ‘Invasive Alien Gene’


The Takagoyama Nature Zoo in northern Japan killed 57 of its snow monkeys by lethal injection after DNA testing revealed that they were carrying the genes of an “invasive alien species”.

The results showed the monkeys had been crossbred with the non-indigenous rhesus macaque. Under Japanese law, the possession and transport of invasive species, including crossbreeds, is illegal.

“They have to be killed to protect the indigenous environment” a spokesperson for the Chiba Prefectural Government explained to local media yesterday.

Officials were fearful that the crossbred monkeys might escape and reproduce in the wild.

It has also been reported that the zoo’s operator held a memorial service at a Buddhist temple nearby in an effort to save the snow monkeys’ souls.

The old-world monkey species, whose official name is Japanese macaques, are native to the country and a popular draw for visiting tourists who want to watch the red-faced monkeys bathing in volcanic hot springs in the wild.

With a population that has been growing since the 1990’s, snow monkeys are also often sadly culled in the wild by officials trying to control their numbers.

WAN Does Not Support Zoos Or Captivity Of Any Wild Animal Species Unless There Are Conservation Efforts To Save Them From Extinction In The Wild.

 Source: BBC

 Photo Credit: nozawa.tv

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