WAN Talks To Joanna Krupa About Fight To Ban Wild Animal Circuses In London

Photos courtesy of Joanna Krupa

With the British Parliament back in session, top model, reality star and long-time animal advocate Joanna Krupa leaped into action yesterday, putting pressure on the government to introduce a bill that would permanently ban the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron previously promised to put a stop to these archaic animal acts by January 2015 but failed to do so, despite the fact that, according to PETA, 94 percent of people, including the British Veterinary Association, demanded a complete and permanent ban.

Dramatically body painted as a tiger, Krupa held a sign outside of the Houses of Parliament that read Ban Wild-Animal Circuses NOW!

In an exclusive conversation with Krupa earlier today, she explained to WAN that it is now up to the current government to finally introduce legislation to end these cruel animal ordinances.

“Animals in circuses are denied everything that is natural and important to them. They are kept from their natural habitats and tied up or confined in small cages when not performing. When they are performing, they are made to do tricks that are frightening and confusing to them, causing them discomfort and even pain,” she said. “Animals don’t perform tricks like jumping through rings of fire dancing on their hind legs for fun, but rather out of fear. They know that they’ll be whipped, beaten or shocked if they do not obey.”

The truth hurts!

“Our understanding of animals such as elephants, zebras, and lions is ever-increasing, and we now know for certain that a circus environment can never meet their complex needs,” continued Krupa.

“It’s 2017 and almost everyone knows that animals are not ours to use and abuse for the sake of entertainment. Animal circuses are cruel, archaic institutions that have no place in a civilized society,” Krupa said before addressing another elephant in the room.

“Circuses teach children that it is acceptable, which it is not, to dominate, whip, chain, and beat other living, feeling beings; a lesson in insensitivity that most parents would not knowingly choose to teach their children.”

According to Krupa, people can help in numerous ways from never visiting zoos with animals and requesting friends and family to do the same, as well as writing to government officials to demand that legislation banning such institutions be passed immediately.

By implementing the much-needed legislation, England and Wales would catch up with Austria, Belgium, Finland, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the many other countries that already protect wild animals from exploitation in a wholly inappropriate circus environment.

Krupa joins Michael Sheen, Martin Freeman, and Pamela Anderson in teaming up with PETA U.K. and its affiliates to raise awareness to the plight of animals in circuses.

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