Join London’s March Against Trophy Hunting & Extinction To Demand A Ban On Wildlife “Trophies” Imported Into The UK


An investigation by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting (CBTH) and a subsequent report that it released yesterday have revealed shocking information about the dire state of many threatened and endangered species and the sick people who kill them for so-called “sport.”

One such hunter, Ron Thomson, is reportedly responsible for killing at least 5,000 elephants. As if this wasn’t dismal enough, Thomson boasts about the “thrill of the kill” and claims that he is “totally unrepentant” about hunting and killing elephants, as well as an unfathomable amount of other species including buffalo, lions, and leopards. Sickening!

According to the investigation, the amount of ivory taken by trophy hunters has increased twelve-fold over the past three decades. There has been a staggering total of ​100,000​ African elephants killed for “trophies” since the 1980s. ​All this and more continues to transpire despite the fact that the ivory trade was officially banned in 1989.

“The trophy hunting industry is slaughtering elephants left, right and center. Killing elephants for ‘fun’ is unacceptable, even more so because of the serious threat to the species survival,” Eduardo Gonçalves, Founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said in a statement. “The recent surge in elephant hunting shows the industry is out of control.”

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting also defines Britain as one of a “Deadly Dozen” countries whose hunters have inflicted huge damage to Africa’s dwindling elephant populations. Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, ​Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain​, and the ​United States sadly round out the list.

The revelations come as campaigners prepare to converge on Downing Street in London on Saturday, April 13th, to demand that the British Prime Minister stops hunters from bringing back trophies into the U.K.

During the London March Against Trophy Hunting and Extinction, animal advocates will deliver a letter demanding change, signed by the leaders of 70 wildlife and animal welfare groups around the world, including Africa and the United States, to the prime minister’s office and residence.

Spread The Word And Join London’s March To Help Put An END To Trophy Hunting! 

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