Join The World’s Largest Protest Against South Korea’s Dog Meat Festival, Bok Nal, Taking Place On July 17th!

WAN recently covered the protest against the dreaded Yulin Dog Meat Festival that took place last month. We recently learned that another one of these heinous events is near, this time it’s The Bok Nal Dog Meat Festival that takes place in South Korea.

It is paramount that we do everything in our power to stop these events and ban them for good worldwide.

Join Last Chance For Animals on July 17th, where marches will be taking place in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Seoul South Korea. The first day of The Bok Nal Dog Meat Festival is also July 17th, making this protest even more important to attend. The festival will be held on three separate calendar days that mark the hottest days of the Summer.

WAN is horrified that dogs are recognized as livestock by South Korea’s Livestock Industry Act, allowing farms to breed, torture, and kill them on industrialized farms where a million dogs are brutally slaughtered each year. We must put an end to this immediately!

For protest information and to RSVP, please visit Last Chance For Animal’s website Here:

Last Chance For Animal’s has requested no shouting or shaming South Korea. Due to the solemnity of the protest, they have asked that you do not bring young children or dogs. Please wear DARK on the bottom, whether dark jeans, pants, long shorts or skirts. If you have your STOP DOG MEAT T-SHIRTS from last year, they ask that you wear them.

You can also help by signing the two petitions below. Signatures needed before July 17th, 2018! ACT NOW!

Please read the instructions below before clicking on the petition link. Note: This petition is in the Korean language. Read the directions carefully to make sure your signature is counted! Thank you!

1st Petition – Remove dogs from S. Korea’s Livestock Industry Act (LINK BELOW)

2nd Petition – Ban the slaughter of dogs for meat under the S. Korea’s Animal Protection Act (LINK BELOW)

Instructions to sign petitions:

  • Click on the link, then scroll down until you see the blue rectangular box – click on this box.

  • Select Twitter or Facebook – this petition is signed through your social media account on one of these platforms. For example, with Facebook, you will sign a box that states the “Korean Presidential Residence will receive your public profile and email address”. Click the button, “Continue as (Your Name)”.

  • You will then be taken back to the petition screen. Scroll down to the bottom to another blue rectangular box, which indicates, “I agree”. Click the box and you are finished.

Please join one of LCA’s protests and declare to the government of South Korea that it is imperative to put an END to the dog meat trade for good! #StopDogMeat #FriendsNotFood

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