Join Us On May 13th For The “Empty The Tanks” Event In 20 Countries Around The World


Where will you be on May 13th? Let your voice be heard at the 5th annual “Empty the Tanks” event taking place in 62 Locations in 20 Countries around the world.

Join thousands of activists around the globe as we call for an immediate end to dolphin captivity.

While the 2016/2017 hunting season in Taiji, Japan officially ended on March 1st, the unforgiving legacy of the drives can be seen in the many generations of dolphins displayed at marine parks and aquariums around the world. No dolphin has ever willingly been taken from the wild for a “life” of captivity, nor chosen to be bred for entertainment. And, no matter the facility, no manmade environment can ever hope to replicate the conditions of the ocean.

Here is a list of events that are happening around the world this Saturday. CLICK HERE for more details! Be a part of the change!

End Captivity! 🙌🌊🐬🌍

By: Dolphin Project

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