June The Chicken Who Survived Horrific Perdue Farm Truck Crash Has Died In Philadelphia; Tomorrow Is The International March To Close All Slaughterhouses


A quick turn of events shed light once again on one of the many horrors that are factory-farming and yet another reason why it should be stopped.

Late yesterday, animal advocacy group Liberation Philadelphia announced that June, a six-week-old chicken, had died.

A little more than 36-hours-earlier, the organization took to its Facebook page to share the bittersweet news that they rescued June, who they found severely injured and hiding in a bush after a Perdue Farms trailer carrying thousands of chickens to slaughter crashed on DE-896.

June who had suffered a deep chest laceration and a fractured keel bone was reportedly abandoned by the factory farm on the side of the road before being rescued by Liberation Philadelphia volunteers and transported to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital in New Jersey.

“We’re deeply saddened by the loss of June, an innocent animal who was left to die alongside a busy highway by Perdue Farms. It’s disgusting that Perdue Farms continues to profit off the misery of chickens like June, who are just as capable of suffering as our dogs and cats,” Maria Kelly, an organizer with Liberation Philadelphia, noted in a statement.

Now, according to WDEL News, animal advocates nationwide are calling on Perdue Farms to “remedy the situation.”


The way to remedy this situation and countless other unnecessary and tragic incidents that result in the deaths of innocent and defenseless animals lives, is to STOP factory-farming altogether!

Liberation Philadelphia is holding a vigil tonight in honor of June, and all the victims of Perdue and animal agriculture from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Perdue Farms processing facility on N. Rehoboth Boulevard in Milford, Philadelphia. More information can be found HERE!

Tomorrow is also the International March To Close All Slaughterhouses. Find a location to participate HERE!

R.I.P. sweet June!

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