Justice For Hadiah, Hope, Mopani And 18 other Animals! Investigate The Baton Rouge Zoo

We bring you a story by our partner, Care2, about a needed investigation of the Baton Rouge Zoo:

A Malayan tiger, two giraffes, one baby golden lion tamarin, and now three spot-nosed guenon monkeys are just some of the 21 animals that have tragically lost their lives at the BREC Baton Rouge Zoo this year.

Somehow last week, domestic dogs entered the BREC BR Zoo and attacked and killed 2 spot-nosed guenons, with a third so injured that it had to be euthanized. Zoo officials have not figured out how the dogs got into the zoo, or how the dogs attacked the monkeys without getting into their enclosure.

Questions have been raised by hundreds of citizens about the competency of the animals’ caregivers, and the adequacy of the zoo officials, who are supposed to be monitoring and regulating the care of the creatures in the zoo and maintaining the physical structures.

Family after family reports that going to the Baton Rouge zoo is not like the family trips they used to take years ago, our family included. Instead of seeing healthy, happy animals, people go in and see empty exhibits, animals who look depressed, and overgrown sidewalks.

The Baton Rouge Zoo was audited following the deaths of Hadiah (the tiger) and Mopani & Hope (the giraffes). That “investigation” was headed by other zoos, and found no blame on the part of the BREC BR Zoo.

Care2 created this petition and are asking that the USDA APHIS take action immediately to oversee this zoo and determine why so many animals are losing their lives.

For more information, read news reports of the monkey deaths HERE.

Please sign the care2 PETITION here.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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