Kalahari Resorts And Conventions Permanently Shuts Down Tiger Cub Photo Attractions


Animal advocates have spoken up and Kalahari Resorts and Conventions finally listened; confirming the dissolution of its partnership with Timbavati Wildlife Park and, hence, ending its practice of displaying tiger cubs in their lobby!

As shared by Causes, this marks a “major win for animals.”

Named after the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions boasts African themes at each of its resorts; where millions of people flock to each year.

Reportedly, one of the largest and most prominent sellers of tiger cub photos in the United States, by implementing this change in policy that will significantly decrease the demand for these photos, fewer tigers will be bred, exploited, and dumped into roadside zoos or the wildlife trade.

The lobbies of the resorts have artificial fountains, trees, and animals that have been imported from local markets and shops in Africa. Special Africa-themed events, such as getting photographed with baby lions, are also held.

Also known for their massive water parks, most of the water slides are named after African animals, such as the Rippling Rhino and the Wild Wildebeast.

Kalahari Resorts currently have a location in Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, Ohio, and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. According to its website, a Round Rock, Texas location will be opening in 2020.

There are several disturbing photos of the abusive treatment of baby animals by Kalahari Resorts, such as a handler swinging a tiger cub in front of onlookers.

WAN is happy that the exploitation of baby tigers for photo opportunities will no longer take place at Kalahari Resorts. The resort has made the right decision to put an end to it.

Source: Causes, Kalahari Resorts and Convention Centers

Photo Credits: Change.org, Kalahari Resorts and Convention Centers, News Herald, hotels.com


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