Kent Animal Save In The UK Protests Live Export Of 250 Veal Calves Traveling From Scotland To Spain

Photos from Kent Animal Save, Facebook

Animal advocates in the UK gathered late Tuesday night to protest a live shipment of an estimated 250 veal calves traveling from Scotland to Spain, where they would then be slaughtered.

Organized by Kent Animal Save, 90 compassionate people participated in the event that took place outside the Port of Ramsgate.

“What can we do to stop live exports?” “How can we stop the lorries coming through? Attend the protests,” noted a post on Kent Animal Save’s Facebook page prior to the evening demonstration. “Brightlingsea and Shoreham got this trade stopped through people power. It became physically impossible and too dangerous, to get through the barrier made by hundreds of people. These lorries were turned away.”

Unfortunately, they were not able to stop the live export from continuing on its five-hour boat ride to Calais, but they were able to help raise awareness of the barbaric trade that tears young male calves away from their mothers after they are born.

If nothing else, may people look at the heart-wrenching photos that were taken at the event, of the poor, frightened animals that were suckling on protestors hands for comfort, and lose their appetite for veal, or any food made from animals, forever!

The weeks-old calves reportedly came from Craigley Farm in Scotland which has since removed its Facebook page most-likely due to comments posted by animal advocates.

Sadly, the young animals are allowed to be transported under EU freedom of movement rules.

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