Kim Basinger & Last Chance For Animals Lead Powerful Protest Of The Boknal Dog Meat Festival In Seoul, South Korea

Photos from Last Chance For Animals

Legendary actress and animal rights activist Kim Basinger and Last Chance For Animals (LCA) led a powerful protest against the Boknal Dog Meat Festival in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday, July 12th, which marked the first day of the shocking three day festival in which dogs are tortured for their meat.

LCA’s Founder and President, Chris DeRose, is currently on the ground in Seoul, along with South Korean sister organization Animal Liberation Wave (ALW) and Basinger, fighting to give these innocent animals a voice.

The trio also held a joint press conference with MP Pyo Chang-won to urge the South Korean government to pass MP Pyo’s proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act, which would ban the slaughter of dogs and cats for their meat.

“They do not need your tears, they need your help. We have to end this cruelty on this planet. We have to help anything suffering, and these dogs and cats are suffering,” said Basinger.

Boknal takes place on three nonconsecutive days that are known for being the hottest days of the Korean summer. The consumption of dog meat in South Korea rises exponentially this time of year because dog meat soup, known as “Boshintang,” is considered the food of choice to combat the extreme heat and humidity.

The claim that dog meat makes you cooler in the summer months is a false claim and holds no merit. This abomination must end!

Help stop the brutal dog meat trade:

  • Sign the petition at urging the South Korean government to pass MP Pyo Chang-won’s proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act. If passed, MP Pyo’s amendment will be a major blow to the country’s barbaric dog meat trade.

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