Koko The Gorilla And Her Amazing Relationship With “Penny”


Koko is a female western lowland gorilla who was rescued when she was a baby and taught human-animal communication.

She has been under the care of psychologist Francine “Penny” Patterson who taught Koko how to sign, starting with eat and drink, developing a vocabulary of hundreds of words. She expresses her desires and emotions in full sentences, giving us a glimps into the communication between humans and animals.

Ever since Penny met Koko as a Stanford graduate student, they have had a very strong relationship like nothing ever seen between a captive gorilla and caretaker.

Patterson almost lost custody of Koko when the San Francisco Zoo wanted her back to lend her out to breed, but a public campaign allowed Patterson to buy Koko so that she would not live the rest of her life behind bars at the zoo.

Koko has yet to be fulfilled with a baby of her own, and Patterson realizes that her relationship with Koko is second to what would come natural for the gorilla.

People will forget the statistics of how many words Koko knows, Patterson says, “but the fact that Koko can love, we can love each other even though we’re different species really gets people thinking deeply about life – and that’s what we need to do.”

Source: LA Times
For More Informarion Visit: www.Koko.org


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