Lakers’ Brook Lopez Saves His Cat From The CA Wildfires By Hiring A Car Service

Lakers center Brook Lopez has been earning scores of extra points for enlisting a professional car service to drive his 10-year-old beloved cat, Poupin, away from the threatening wildfires in Southern California to safety in Northern California.


Photo by Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

With the cat in a carrier, Lopez entered the car that was scheduled to take him to the Lakers team plane which was departing for numerous away games.

After dropping Lopez off at his destination, the driver proceeded to deliver the four-legged passenger, who has his own Instagram account, to Lopez’s mother nearly four hours away in Fresno, CA.

According to a reporter for the Southern California News Group (SCNG), Lopez was so committed to getting the pet to his mom’s house, that he forgot to inquire how much the service would cost.

“I didn’t ask,” Lopez said. “My financial guy is going to be mad at me. I wasn’t fiscally responsible.”

Fortunately, Poupin, which means “chubby” in French, is now safe and plans to return to the house he shares with Lopez in Southern California. Poupin’s grandmother will be the designated driver later this month.

Perhaps not fiscally responsible, but definitely and adorably feline responsible!

WAN applauds all involved that made this happy story possible.

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