Largest Animal Shelter in Lebanon Struggles to Remain Open

In Beirut, Lebanon, a safe haven for dogs, cats, and wildlife is struggling to keep its doors open. Beta (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been providing second chances for stray animals and those displaced by conflict since 2004, often rescuing them from dangerous situations. Now, its future is uncertain.

Turmoil in the region in recent years has not only led to an increase in abandoned animals, but to a redistribution of funding, as support from the U.S. and Canada has shifted to the dire cause of Syrian refugees. According to estimates from Beta, there may be around 40,000 stray dogs alone in the small nation of Lebanon.

On June 4, Beta launched an emergency fundraising campaign to feed its 650 cats and dogs. The campaign was a success and more than $50,000 USD was raised. But the troubles aren’t over yet: Beta is a non-governmental non profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors. To avoid crises like this one in the future, Beta is asking for monthly donations from sponsors around the world. You can help them today by donating at their website.

Sources: BBC News, Beta Lebanon

Image: Beta Lebanon (Facebook)

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