Leonardo DiCaprio Endorses The New 2018 Documentary “Eating Our Way To Extinction”

The creators behind the viral clip which Leonardo DiCaprio described as “the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today” is set to debut their new feature-length documentary, Eating Our Way to Extinction in 2018.

Filmmaking brothers Ludo and Otto Brockway successfully funded the new film through an Indiegogo campaign which closed in January.

The monies raised enabled the brothers and their London-based production company, Broxstar Productions, to elaborate on their 2016 short Facebook film that addressed the danger to the planet from animal agriculture and garnered praise from the likes of DiCaprio.

With the aid of world-renowned scientists, researchers, global leaders, and celebrities, Eating Our Way to Extinction takes an in-depth look at compassion, environment, health, and economics, while exposing devastating environmental and health effects of animal agriculture.

As noted by the brothers on their former fundraising page, the Plant-Based Lifestyle movement is perhaps the largest and fastest growing movement in the world, and as people take an active role in the betterment of the world tools, such as their film, which is needed to “educate and inspire others in the most effective way.”

“Celebrities, leaders and famous athletes all over the world are making the switch, and the growing interest in a plant-based lifestyle is hitting the mainstream media almost every day,” stated the brothers. “The film will aim to leave audiences feeling moved and inspired; by making the shift to a plant-based diet, they are joining millions of people all over the planet in a global movement that is beginning to change the world.”

WAN eagerly awaits the release of this important documentary that was created to educate and inspire people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle as did other powerful films such as What The Health and Cowspiracy.

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