Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation To Award A Historical $15.6 Million In Grants To Animal Welfare And Environmental Causes


The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) made history as it announced that it is awarding a total of $15.6 million in grants to animal welfare and environmental causes.

The grants will be split among various types of organizations, including those involved in wildlife and habitat conservation, ocean conservation, indigenous rights protection, technology and innovative solutions, as well as  climate change. Upon announcement of these grants, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has now provided more than $59 million in support of such projects since 1998.

“Today we are greatly increasing our level of vital grant making and strategic partnerships to help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges,” said DiCaprio.
“Leo and his foundation have been an invaluable voice in the environmental movement for many years,” said new CEO Terry Tamminen. “I am proud to join them in the fight for the defense of our natural world and the protection of every living creature on Earth. I look forward to working with Leo and the LDF team as we expand the impact of the foundation in the years to come.”

More than 70 environmental projects across over 40 countries and five oceans are supported by the LDF. Here are the categories and projects that a included within the new grant’s vision.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.53.51 AMWildlife and Habitat Protection

Grantees include:

•    California Mountain Lion Conservation
•    Elephant Crisis Fund
•    Lion Recovery Fund
•    Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary
•    Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund
•    Turtle Conservancy
•    Naturalia
•    World Wildlife Fund
•    Pacific Wolf Coalition
•    Defenders of Wildlife
•    International Fund for Animal Welfare

Jeffrey Parish, Wildlife Conservation Network’s vice president for conservation: “Our most iconic wildlife is on the precipice, worldwide; but the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and [Wildlife Conservation Network] have envisioned a different path forward. LDF’s investment in the Elephant Crisis Fund has enabled support to more than 100 projects by 40 organizations across Africa and Asia to end the ivory crisis and ensure these giants will forever roam free. That is nothing short of game-changing, and LDF’s investments will ensure more species, like African Lions, will soon be stepping back from the brink.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.53.40 AM

Ocean Conservation

Grantees include:

•    Oceans 5
•    Global Partnerships for Sharks Fund

Indigenous Rights Protection

Grantees include:

•    Utah Dine Bikeyah
•    RAVEN
•    United Tribes of Bristol Bay
•    Wishtoyo Foundation
•    Amazon Watch

Innovative Solutions

Grantees include:

•    Digital Democracy
•    Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
•    Mongabay
•    Waterkeeper Alliance
•    Water Defense
•    Bioneers
•    Biomimicry Institute
•    Earthecho International
•    People’s Grocery

Climate Change

Grantees include:
•    Our Children’s Trust
•    DeSmogBlog
•    Empowered By Light
•    TreePeople
•    Native Renewables

World Animal News is thrilled that LDF will be contributing to the continued protection of our environment and animal species. This announcement marks a monumental year for animal welfare and for efforts to combat climate change.

Source: EcoWatch




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