The Luck Of A Duck; Animal Control In Cape Cod Spread It’s Wings To Save A Duck That Was Frozen To The Ground

Dennis Animal Control

As a much-needed break from the tragic stories about innocent animals being left  to suffer in freezing cold temperatures, WAN is thrilled to share some heartwarming news about the luck of a duck.

While Dennis Animal Control normally just helps domestic animals in the town of South Dennis, Massachusetts, occasionally, when needed, they jump in and help with distressed or injured wildlife.

Such was the case on Sunday when Animal Control received a call that a duck frozen to the ground in Cape Cod was in peril trying to free herself.

“When we arrived, she was definitely in distress, flapping her wings and thrashing in an attempt to free herself,” the department confirmed in a post on Facebook. “After a bit of effort and some teamwork we were able to free her little feet and tail from the ice. She was cold, pale, and lifeless when we finally freed her. She was transported to the Cape Wildlife Center where she will be treated and hopefully released back to where she came from.”

The responsible team who saved the duck were quick to remind people that if they find wildlife in distress it is best to leave them alone and call the local Natural Resource Department, Animal Control or Police non-emergency line.

“Please let the professionals help them,” they said. “It is VERY important that you DO NOT handle the animal. This is for your safety and the well-being of the animal.”

WAN greatly appreciates the remarkable efforts of the staff at Dennis Animal Control to save this special duck’s life and send our endless gratitude to everyone involved daily in the protection of innocent animals everywhere and the betterment of their lives.

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