Maggie Q Speaks Out To Help Save The Pangolin From Extinction


Consumer demand for pangolin scales and meat is the primary cause of the eight pangolin species’ sharp decline throughout Africa and Asia. Despite this, pangolins are not protected under Appendix I of the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which prohibits commercial trade.

Officials will consider multiple proposals that call for uplisting pangolins to Appendix I at the CITES Conference of the Parties 17, which is happening right now in Johannesburg, South Africa.

To protect pangolins: • A total ban on pangolin meat consumption in China and Vietnam.

• Removal of pangolin products from the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China

• Specialized law enforcement training WildAid is working in both nations with a coalition of Asian celebrities, government representatives, diplomats, business leaders and media partners who speak out against the pangolin trade and urge consumers never to buy pangolin products.

“Illegal trade in pangolin scales and meat has already endangered populations in Asia and increasingly threatens the African species, too,” said WildAid CEO Peter Knights. “While we work to reduce consumer demand for pangolin products in Vietnam and China, an Appendix I uplisting will make enforcement more effective and conservation a global priority.”

WildAid ambassador Maggie Q, also added, “This endangered animal is largely overlooked, but in fact is the most-trafficked mammal in the world,” Maggie Q says in the new PSA, produced in Vietnamese and English.

“Pangolins need our help before they all disappear.”

Source: WildAid

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