The Big Move Began Last Week Of More Than 7500 Animals To Mozambique Park

What has been deemed to become one of Africa’s largest-ever wildlife re-location projects began last week as elephants, zebras, giraffes, impalas and more began their long road trip from Zimbabwe to Zinave National Park in Mozambique.

The massive move is a part of conservationists’ efforts to replenish an area that was depleted of wildlife during the aftermath of civil war and requires the services of approximately 120 wildlife-capture staff, veterinarians, drivers, helicopter pilots and more.

The goal is to rehome more than 7500 wild animals over a three-year period.

According to allAfrica, close to 2000 animals will be transported from the Savé Valley Conservancy in southern Zimbabwe to the Zinave National Park in Mozambique’s Inhambane province over the next several months alone.

The first animals on the “rewilding caravan” include nearly 50 elephants, 200 zebras, 100 giraffes, 900 impalas, 200 buffalo, 200 eland antelope, 300 wildebeest and 50 kudas.

The operation which is sponsored by Peace Parks Foundation is “part of a much larger trans-frontier project to restore animal migration routes across Africa, while also benefiting local communities through wildlife tours and projects.”

The Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Conservation Area (TFCA) includes South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

The re-development of Zinave began early last year after the signing at a 10 year co-management agreement between the Mozambican National Agency for Conservation Areas and the Peace Parks Foundation.

To help the Peace Parks Foundation with its sustainable nature conservation efforts, donations can be made Here!

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