Meet Columbo & The Remarkable Humans Who Rescued Him From Near Death In Georgia To His New Home In Maine!

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An inspiring tale of survival, compassion, and unconditional love unfolded last week in Georgia. The beautiful story began with a bike, a dog, and two remarkable humans that serve as a much-needed reminder that good people still exist.

“They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in a million. This pup was the winner this week,” cyclist-turned-hero Jarrett Little posted on his Facebook page after an ordinary Tuesday night bike ride turned into an extraordinary one. “Amazing series of fortunate events”

While stopping for some water, Little and his friends found the hungry, thirsty, and injured dog.

Determined to help but with no means of transportation except for his bike, Little remarkably made the 7-mile ride back to downtown Columbus with a special passenger in tow.

Upon arrival, they were met by Andrea Shaw, someone who Little calls an “angel” and the dog now named Columbo, calls mom.

“I’m so lucky that Jarrett Little likes to bike! He and his friends found me outside of Columbus. They gave me some snacks and water. Then Jarrett gave me a lift into town. Normally I would’ve loved the walk – but my left hind leg was broken and a toe on my right front was also broken,” explained the 5-month-old Great Dane mix on his new Facebook page. “We found Andrea Shaw once we arrived in downtown Columbus. I hugged her because she spoke so nice to me. I bled on her new shirt. She must’ve liked it though because that’s when she called her husband and said: “I’m saving this dog. He is bleeding and broken and I’m not leaving him.” Her hubby, Joel Shaw, replied: “Ok. Is your hotel pet-friendly?”

Shaw, a corporate attorney who lives on a small horse farm in Gorham, Maine, and was in town on business, proceeded to take Columbo to the local emergency vet. There he underwent surgery which left him with 25 staples in his hind leg after having four pins put in to stabilize the fractures and a full cast on a front leg for his broken toe.

Shaw also arranged for Columbo to be transported by Grateful Doggies to his new home with his forever family that includes not only his new human mom and dad but “a 5-year-old boy, Christopher, two black and tan coonhounds, a horse, and a pony.”

Once home, Shaw created The Adventures of Columbo on Facebook where she provides updates on her new four-legged family member.

WAN is extremely grateful for Little, the Shaw family, and everyone involved for their extraordinary efforts to help Columbo who now, according to his sweet Facebook page, is not only recuperating but reveling in his new life.

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