Mikayla’s Hearing Is Today! Help Her Keep Her Fox Rescue!


Please sign the petition for Mikayla Raines to keep her fox rescue! The hearing is today in Lakeville, MN and she still needs your support.

Mikdolittles Fox Rescue is a USDA licensed rescue with a pending 501(c)3. The city council of Lakeville, MN is trying to shut the fox rescue down for NO good reason.

Mikayla’s foxes were rescued from fur farms where they would face a horrible fate and brutal death. If their pelts are considered “not quality” to sell, they are usually beaten to death and killed.

Mikayla is providing the unwanted foxes with a loving forever home and should be able to continue to rescue them from a grim fate in order to save their lives.

Mikdolittles Rescue is the only hope for so many foxes who would have been killed and used just for vanity and fashion.

Please use your voice and sign here on Change.org to help us save Mikayla’s fox rescue from being shut down!

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