Miley Cyrus Rocks: Promoting Veganism, Gun Control, Rights Of All Sentient Beings & More In Washington D.C.

Photos From Miley Cyrus, Facebook, Instagram

Miley Cyrus is an outspoken and admired advocate for what she is most passionate about, and this past weekend she had the opportunity to share a few of the issues that are closest to her heart with her legions of fans worldwide.

A proponent of all things anti-cruelty, the avid animal-rights advocate and vegan made the most of her trip to Washington D.C. in support of the trailblazing student survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who organized what became a global event; the March For Our lives protest against gun violence and for the implementation of stricter, more comprehensive gun legislation.

Prior to yesterday’s history-making event, Miley took to social media to update fans about how proud she was to be a part of March For Our Lives which she was attending with family members including her mother Tish and sisters Noah and Brandi.

“PS I Love DC! Such an amazing city with incredible Vegan options,” she posted on her Facebook page along with an adorable photo and her and Brandi enjoying some plant-based goodies. “Getting fueled up!”

Miley also shared the message on Instagram with her 74.8 million followers; a number that is sure to increase even more following her riveting performance and messages promoting compassion.

She kept the messages coming on the March For Our Lives stage, with a powerful performance of her song “The Climb.” The emotionally-charged singer not only motivated the massive crowd with inspiring lyrics about overcoming obstacles and fighting for what you believe in, but she encouraged them to sing along with her.

Noting that “this song has never felt so special,” Miley praised the student advocates while wearing a #MSDStrong sweatshirt and holding a sign stating Never Again.

The multi-talented multi-tasker was also on hand to represent her Happy Hippie Foundation that she formed in 2014, which as per its website, focuses on youth homelessness, the LGBTQ community, and other vulnerable populations.”

WAN appreciates Miley for her strength, compassion, and remarkable ability to tackle issues that need tackling such as veganism, gun control, and the fact that all sentient beings matter and should be respected, cared for and valued.

May the important messages Miley shared this past weekend be heard loud and clear throughout the world for a long time to come and may appropriate and compassionate change follow!

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