Military Ends The Use Of Animals In Trauma Training

Until recently, an estimated 10,000 animals a year were tortured and brutally sacrificed by members of the Armed Forces in the name of “advanced career training,” according to PETA.

After leading the charge to modernize military training for decades, the organization has announced that Congress has advanced new legislation that will “phase out the use of animals in all trauma training exercises and replace them with more effective, ethical and economical human-patient simulators”; like-like anatomically correct, computer driven mannequins with the ability to accurately simulate breathing, bleeding and dying.

The decision was made after PETA, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and animal advocates throughout the country pressured the Department of Defense to conduct studies that proved that using human-patient simulators, is not only the equivalent to using animals, but often more effective.

The new ruling marks the latest victory for PETA which also previously helped to put an end to the mutilation of animals by nonmedical Army personnel, armies poisoning of monkeys and use of animals in chemical weapons training among other areas.

The United States now joins the close to 80% of its NATO allies in banning the use of animals in military medical training.

Source: PETA

Photo Credits: PETA, PCRM

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