Miranda Lambert & Her Foundation MuttNation Surprise Shelters Across The U.S. With $189k In Grants


Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation have announced the 50 animal shelter recipients that were selected to receive grants as part of the organization’s Mutts Across America campaign.

The generous program created by Lambert’s mother, Bev Lambert, was established after the mother-daughter duo founded MuttNation in 2009. According to CMT, to date, they have issued more than $775,000.00 in total grants to more than 200 shelters throughout the United States.

The most recent batch of surprise grants totaled $189,000.00 which was then divided between specific shelters throughout the country with each receiving between $3,000.00-$5,000.00.

“Because of you, we were able to award almost $200k in grants to deserving shelters in all 50 states! We can’t thank y’all enough for helping us make a difference for mutts,” Lambert and her team shared on a Facebook post.

The unknowing shelters were delighted when they opened a mystery package letting them know they were a recipient along with a much-need check, a certificate, and MuttNation Citizenship.

“We’ve been able to take in more geriatric animals from around the state and country,” a representative of Indy Humane explained in a video also shared on MuttNation’s Facebook page.

Ventura County Animal Services in Southern California also let Eastwood, the dog, personally thank the foundation for his “second chance at life” on the video.

The shelters are selected based on a range of criteria including high adoption rate, volunteerism, and activity, such as fundraising, as well as fiscal responsibility, community presence, website and social media presence and advocacy. The program researches shelters independently and does not accept applications.

A complete list of Mutts Across America shelter recipients is available HERE!

You can learn more about Mutts Across America and donate to further support these loving pups HERE!

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