“Moose Rider” To Face Harassment of Wildlife Charges In Canada


British Columbia’s Conservation Office Service has charged the so-called “moose rider” and another man under Canada’s Wildlife Act for the harassment of wildlife after one man jumped on the back of a moose and rode it through the water as the animal was desperately attempting to escape.

Youtube user Wolf Tracker: “As soon as I saw it, it disgusted me”. Wolf Tracker posted the video online last year with the goal of identifying the men. “This animal has little to no contact with humans, and these guys chased it around in a boat, yelling and screaming. This moose undoubtedly thought it was running for its life.”

Other passengers in the boat laugh hysterically, while one claims: “I’ve never seen something so awesome.”

Sgt. David Vince of the B.C. Conservation Office in Fort St. John disagrees:

“Man up, is what I expect them to do. You had your laugh, you had your joke, now it’s time to man up. I expect them to come and do the right thing and say ‘I did this.'”

The video was fortunately viewed 1.8 million times within the first 10 days after posting, which helped to identify the location of the incident as Tuchodi Lakes near Fort Nelson.

The Conservation Office Service has charged the two men, Bradley Dale Crook and Jaysun Allan Pinkerton, with the harassment of wildlife using a boat, as well as attempting to capture wildlife and hunting game as it is swimming.

Doug Forsdick, British Columbia’s chief conservation officer, stated that the fine is generally about $345, but penalties can go up to $100,000.

Crook and Pinkerton are scheduled to appear in court in early August.

Source: Weather Channel

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