Happy National Pig Day: Update! 6 Meishan Piglets That Peace 4 Animals Helped Rescue Are Thriving In Their New Home!

Exclusive photos The Pig Preserve

It’s National Pig Day and an ideal time to check in with The Pig Preserve in Jamestown, Tennessee, about the six 45-day-old meishan piglets that Peace 4 Animals was able to help save from slaughter in April of last year.

Together with The Pig Preserve, a 20-year-old nonprofit sanctuary for abandoned and neglected pigs, Peace 4 Animals was able to save these littles ones before they were scheduled to be put down in Indiana.

We are pleased to share that the sweet pigs are thriving at their forever home in Tennessee where they not only have a new barn sponsored by Peace 4 Animals, but 100 acres of land, with woods, pastures, ponds, ‘hollers’ and hills, on which to roam.


Equally as important, they have the security of “a lifetime of love and care.”

“The babies have so much joy and excitement for life,” The Pig Preserve’s Farm Manager, Afton Hughes, told WAN this morning, reiterating how grateful she is that these pigs were able to be saved.

“Freedom looks good on them,” shared Hughes. “Their individual personalities are shining through.”

As per The Pig Preserve’s website, pigs are intelligent, inquisitive, and very active creatures, who love to wander and explore their environment.

The Pig Preserve’s philosophy of letting the rescued pigs at their sanctuary “live life on their own terms” is such a beautiful contrast to what has sadly become the norm for so many farm animals.

WAN also commends The Pig Preserve’s owners for adopting a plant-based diet. They have been vegans for many years and continue to advocate for a plant-based lifestyle.

Please consider donating to this worthy organization in honor of National Pig Day and the many rescue pigs they will continue to save.

A list of ways to help The Pig Preserve is available HERE!

Those wanting to make a donation to the overall operation of The Pig Preserve and its four-legged residents can do so HERE! 

Happy #NationalPigDay Everyone!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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