Nellie The Rhino Has Been Saved!

Amazing News! Due to incredible and powerful community support, Nellie has been SAVED! WAN, Peace 4 Animals & friend Duffy put in the final amount to save Nellie and her unborn calf from being sold to China. The collective effort we have seen from so many wonderful people to make this happen, is simply unbelievable and inspiring!

The good news is that Nellie’s rescue will commence towards the end of March 2017 so please do keep watching out for updates.

In the meantime, Nellie’s story begins here and the SanWild and Wild Africa teams are still working on raising additional funding to pay for Nellie’s capture, transportation, transit insurance, pregnancy care and ongoing veterinary support as well as a rhino habitat suitability report that is a requirement for releasing rescued rhinos back to the wild to ensure their ongoing wellbeing in Intensive Protection Zones. So please do stay connected and keep up your amazing support!

Thank You SanWild Wildlife Trust, WAN, Peace 4 Animals & Duffy

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