Nevada Is Latest State To Pass Anti-Animal Trafficking Law

Nevada has become the seventh state to pass legislation to help put an end to the illegal wild animal trafficking trade.

The move follows similar action by legislatures and voters in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, New York and New Jersey, where laws ensure that their states do not provide safe harbor to wild animal traffickers and profiteers.

In a Press Release issued yesterday, Dazzle Africa, The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International applauded Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval for signing Senate Bill 194 into law.

“SB 194 is a local solution to a global conservation crisis. Criminal syndicates thrive and prosper from vibrant marketplaces in wildlife products,” said Iris Ho, wildlife program manager for Humane Society International. “We commend the critical conservation foresight of Governor Sandoval and the legislature so that Nevada won’t become a wildlife trafficking hotspot.”

The measure prohibits the intrastate sale of products derived from wild animals threatened by wildlife trafficking; shutting down the Nevada market for products such as elephant ivory, rhino horn, and sea turtle shells.

“As an avid traveler in Africa, I know first-hand the devastating tolls that poaching has on wildlife and the local communities,” said Stacy James, executive director of the Nevada-based Dazzle Africa, a photographic safari non-profit. “We are incredibly grateful that my home state Nevada has seized this opportunity to protect wild animal species threatened with extinction by the illegal wildlife trade.”

This is fantastic news especially following Las Vegas hosting Safari Club International’s Ultimate Hunters’ Market earlier this year in February where thousands of trophy hunters gathered; many bidding at auction for the chance to kill wild animals such as African Elephants and Tigers.

While it still is fantastic news, we were a bit surprised and disheartened to learn from the organization’s website that the 2018 convention is still scheduled to take place in Las Vegas beginning on January 31.

The city and state should further stack the odds against poaching by no longer holding the SCI market and convention there.

Find out ways you can help put an end to wildlife trafficking Here.

People can also donate Here to help Dazzle Africa’s efforts to combat poaching such as by raising money for aerial surveillance which is crucial in detecting and tracking poachers.

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