Never Give Up Hope; Lost Dog Reunited With Family After He Was Missing For 8 Years

Jasper, a 12-year-old Australian shepherd mix is finally home after he went missing from the Hendry family home eight years ago in Monroe, Louisiana.  The Hendrys said they were shocked to hear the news that their beloved dog Jasper was not only alive but discovered some 400 miles away in Houston after being gone for nearly a decade.  During those eight years, Jasper was taken care of by another family who eventually moved to Houston and brought him to the Houston SPCA over the weekend.

After eight years and nearly 400 miles away, the Hendry family are celebrating this week after the Houston SPCA and friends reunited them with their dog, Jasper. The Houston SPCA contacted the family from Monroe, Louisiana after checking Jasper’s microchip.

The Houston SPCA scanned Jasper for a microchip as part of their admissions process and immediately contacted the Hendrys after garnering their contact information.  “We thought he was dead until we got a phone call from the Houston SPCA saying they had Jasper in their care,” said Tiffany Hendry.  “It’s so great there is a place where animals can be taken in and have their microchipped scanned.”  Hendry added they intentionally had Jasper microchipped after the first dog they adopted went missing.  The Hendry family said now that Jasper is home again, he will spend his days enjoying their 50-acre ranch with a host of other pets and farm animals.

The Hendry family is celebrating after the Houston SPCA reunited them with their dog, Jasper, after eight long years! The Houston SPCA contacted the family from Monroe, Louisiana after checking his microchip. The contact information contained the family’s correct information.

The Houston SPCA wants this amazing reunion to showcase the effectiveness of microchipping pets and serve as an important reminder for pets to wear collars with updated tags as well.

About Houston SPCA

The new Campus For All Animals is a place where tens of thousands of neglected, orphaned and abuse animals come into the care of the Houston SPCA each year including companion animals, small mammals, horses and farm animals, native wild life and even exotics like bears and tigers.  The Houston SPCA is the only animal protection and rescue organization in the country who serve the broadest range of animal species, types of abuse and injury, and magnitude of large-scale, multiple-animal cases- all on one campus.  The Houston SPCA is a private, non-profit charity, operating on 100% donations and receives no funding from the government, United Way or any local or national animal protection organization.


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