New Charitable Vegan Restaurant Takes A Bite Out Of Poverty In NYC

P.S. Kitchen

A new artisanal, gourmet, plant-based restaurant, P.S. Kitchen, opened far more than its doors for the first time yesterday in New York City. It opened hearts, opportunities, and a “social business” that is committed to giving others a “hand up” rather than a “hand out.”

“This is more than a restaurant and the postscript reflects that there is more to the story,” co-owner Craig Cochran shared with the Gothamist. “P.S. We donate all profits to charitable organizations. P.S. We hire staff from underprivileged backgrounds. P.S. All food and drink are plant-based.”

The chic vegan eatery and bar intends to “break the cycle of poverty by connecting resources to vulnerable communities, providing tools necessary for self-sustainability, and building meaningful relationships with neighbors near and far.”

Among its other distinctions, in addition to providing New Yorkers with delicious plant-based food options, the restaurant creates jobs for those marginalized in New York, such as clients of its partnering organizations.

Share Hope, CEEDS (Cooperative for Economic Empowerment and Development Services, DEFY Ventures and The Doe Fund are among the vital organizations that P.S. Kitchen supports.

The amazing chef, Gary Barawidan, previously worked with prolific restaurateur, philanthropist, and vegan, Ravi DeRossi, at the popular restaurant Avant Garden.

Barawidan has created a spectacular opening menu that includes both small and large plates and starters including Fennel Tartine and Spinach-Artichoke Dip, as well as main course specialties such as meat-free versions of classic dishes like the Buffalo Hen of the Wood and a special PS Burger made with a Beyond Meat patty.

P.S. Kitchen owners Cochran and his business partner Michael Pease are also the team behind New York based Terri, plant-based fast food restaurants.

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