New Exposé Reveals Horrific Treatment Of Dogs & Cats Used For Animal Testing At Liberty Research Inc.

PETA Investigations

Justice must be served for the hundreds of dogs and cats that are abhorrently abused and killed each year by Liberty Research, Inc., a New York based contract testing laboratory.

Heartbreaking footage released recently from a PETA undercover investigation proved to be incredibly painful to watch as dogs were injected with insecticides while others had holes drilled into their heads so that the deadly distemper virus could be injected directly into their brains.

PETA Investigations

Cats did not fare much better being suffocated under flipped over litter boxes, locked away in severely crowded rooms, bred to exhaustion and left to suffer from untreated ailments and wounds.

PETA Investigations

WAN strongly suggests people have a large box of tissues on hand if they plan to watch the footage, as well as to have a paper and pen ready to write down the names of the companies that retain Liberty and support its barbaric practices and torture of animals in the name of “science.”

Companies such as pharmaceutical powerhouses Bayer, Novartis and Merck that not only condone but often have representatives participate in exceptionally cruel testing of innocent animals.

Sadly, according to PETA, Liberty also breeds and sells thousands of dogs and cats to be used in experiments by government agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), as well as to schools including Michigan State University and the Universities of Pittsburgh, Florida, and Louisville.

PETA Investigations

The horror of what these poor beings are subjected to and the unbearable suffering of the animals documented during the undercover investigation is unfathomable.

According to PETA “Liberty performs archaic, cruel experiments on animals, despite the existence of well-established, alternative methods that do not use animals or laboratories.

PETA Investigations

“Liberty cuts corners. It used the same animals in test after test, apparently without understanding the long-term effects of the experimental compounds and possible interactions with other medications,” PETA noted in its report. “Recycling animals in this way could introduce confounding factors, further calling into question the value of any experimental results.

Making the situation even more intolerable is that many of the experiments proved to be scientifically pointless and animals were referred to as unwanted laboratory “equipment” were are often killed solely to make room for the next experiment.

Help for the dogs and cats that are bred and imprisoned at Liberty and forced to endure “short, miserable, pain-filled lives” is needed now!

While PETA has alerted officials to apparent violations of animal protection laws and written to companies that contract Liberty requesting they terminate their relationship, the organization also issued a call to action for the public to speak out for the dogs and cats by urging their customers, such as those noted above, to reconsider their ties with the company as well.

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