New Jersey’s Freedom Farm Animal Rescue Secures A New Sanctuary; Names Rescue Barn In Honor Of Peace 4 Animals

After several trying years, Freedom Farm Animal Rescue has officially secured 43 acres of land in Cedarville, New Jersey, to serve as a permanent refuge for more than 200 animals rescued from unfathomable abuse and neglect, including many that were pulled from slaughterhouses and livestock auctions.

Leading animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals helped facilitate the milestone move for the four-year-old non-profit that was founded by chef-turned-animal-advocate Jamie Castano.

“One look at Freedom Farm Animal Rescue’s Viral Video was all we needed to realize the sincerity and depth of Castano’s devotion to helping animals in need,” said Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News (WAN) Founder Katie Cleary who reached out to Castano and offered assistance after learning about the years-long plight of his farm animal rescue. “We are thrilled to be associated with such a compassionate organization that shares our unwavering commitment to protecting the well-being of all animals while promoting a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Animals are our friends, not food!”

Castano has now announced that an animal rescue barn named in honor of Peace 4 Animals will sit proudly on the beautiful new sanctuary.

Freedom Farm Animal Rescue which was founded in 2014 was an easy decision for Castano after he was first exposed to the horrors of the meat and dairy industries, and fell for a special lamb he rescued named Clark in 2016 when he and his fiancee became vegan.

What proved to become increasingly difficult over the years, until now, was finding a permanent location to house the animals the organization rescued.

“Even though I only knew him a few months, he made a life-changing impact on me” Castano told WAN while referring to Clark who he had helped rescue years earlier from a live dairy farm auction in Upstate New York. Sadly, Clark eventually passed away from an infection caused by an abscess on his leg.

“We couldn’t contribute to more Clarks,” said Castano who explained their Ah Ha moment during a family Thanksgiving dinner in 2016 after they took a few bites of turkey, thought of the unbearable conditions they and other factory farmed animals are subjected to, and decided “no more.”

As per Castano’s Go Fund Me campaign, Freedom Farm Animal Rescue was originally based on a large farm in southern New Jersey before, due to unfortunate circumstances, they were forced to relocate to another temporary property which they had to vacate by February 1, 2018. Fortunately, with the help of many compassionate individuals and a generous grant from Peace 4 Animals, the animals at Freedom Farm Animal Rescue can finally be “free” to enjoy the security of living in their new permanent home.

Contributions to Freedom Farm Animal Rescue can be made HERE!

Help Peace 4 Animals save more animals and promote veganism by donating HERE!

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