A New Moon Rising In South Korea; Could The New President Put An End To The Dog Meat Trade In Asia?


WAN is among the millions of organizations and people throughout the world reveling in the news that Moon Jae-In has been elected as the new President of South Korea.

While his campaign stands to enact many positive changes, we are especially pleased with what his win means for animals in his country; specifically the innocent dogs and cats, who are often stolen pets, that are subjected to unfathomable cruelty as they are tortured and slaughtered for their meat.

Among those in support is Koreandogs.org of the transition of power from the formerly impeached President, Park Geun-hye, to her successor, who marks the adherence to the first liberal government in South Korea in close to a decade. Koreandogs.org has listed on its website some of Moon Jae-In’s responses toward animal welfare in the past few years.

“We support him and his pledge to lead his nation into a more ethical and compassionate society by improving the welfare of animals,” stated the organization.



“They gave me much comfort and joy. Now, it’s my turn to help them,” Moon Jae-In said when referring to his furry four-legged family members and fellow animals as he vowed to make Korea a better place not just for humans but also for animals. “I will strengthen the Animal Protection Laws and Animal Administration.”


Also among his many campaign declarations, Moon Jae-In vowed to end the cruel slaughter of animals, such as dogs for human consumption, ban animal testing in the cosmetic industry while investing in researching alternatives, construct more playgrounds for pets and to improve the lives of abandoned and stray animals. According to Korea’s newly-elected president, they “must be happy before we can be happy.”


As reported by scmp.com, in anticipation of hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics, the dirty doors to some of South Korea’s biggest dog meat markets have already begun to close in an effort to deflect the intense years-long international criticism the country has endured for its practice of killing dogs for human consumption.

According to local media, Moran Market in Seongnam is among those that have closed. The Moran Market reportedly sold more than 80,000 dogs, dead or alive, every year and accounted for about a third of South Korea’s dog meat consumption.


Critics of the closure of Moran Market have resulted in some of the 22 dog meat sellers who initially agreed to the move last December now opposing it; many which have subsequently demanded compensation to make up for the loss of business.

Thankfully, like Moon Jae-In, the younger generation of Koreans now view dogs as companions, not as food.

More positive news comes from the Korea Herald, which reported that a mixed-breed mutt rescued from a dog meat farm might become the newest member of South Korea’s first family.

Korean Herald

Animal rights groups, pet lovers, and local media are advocating for President Moon Jae-in to make good on his promise to adopt Tory, a 4-year-old dog, from an animal shelter in Seoul.

“My family and I anticipate the day to welcome Tory as a new family member and will make sure he adjusts well to the new environment,” Moon said via his camp last week.

WAN has fingers and paws crossed that not only will Tory find his new forever family with the newly instated President, but that ultimately, all of the innocent dogs deemed for death by slaughter for their meat will live to experience the unconditional love and compassion they so deserve for the rest of their lives.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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