Happy Valentine’s Day! New Research Confirms Americans’ Powerful Love For Their Dogs


New research released this week explores the loving relationship modern dog owners in America have with their pets.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Rover.com created “The Real Power of Dog Love” survey which was conducted via SurveyMonkey in January 2019 among 1,450 adult dog owners who are dating or in a relationship in the United States.

Of those surveyed, 67% gaze lovingly into their dogs’ eyes, 47% cuddle their dog more often than their partner, and 53% would consider ending a relationship if their partner did not like dogs or was severely allergic.

The results may surprise some, but not the animal-adoring WAN team of pet-parents.

“Our human relationships can be complex, but dog love is pure, simple, and makes us happy because pets are part of the family we choose,” Halle Hutchison, Vice President of Marketing for Rover said in a statement. “Pet parents are investing deeply into these relationships, from celebrating holidays with their dogs, to buying their first home to give their dogs a better life.”

Nearly half of pet parents surveyed also shared that they have planned a Valentine’s Day celebration for their dog, including buying them a new outfit or baking them dessert.

According to Phil Tedeschi, Professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, Institute for Human-Animal Connection, and member of Rover’s Dog People Panel, our loyal canine companions are constantly working to understand humans and to fit into our lives.

Tedeschi notes that dogs spend their days observing their human’s physical movements and emotional changes to better understand them. In fact, dogs are the animal that observes humans the most, and have a better capacity for emotional intelligence than any other animal we come in contact with. Even returning a human’s loving gaze is intentional.

This eye contact has human health benefits such as making people friendlier, more optimistic, happier, and trusting. Contact with dogs also assists in lowering blood pressure and reducing stress and anxiety.

WAN agrees that everyone should experience the connection with a dog and adopt not shop.

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