Nine Former Research Chimpanzees Safely Retired & Relocated To Chimp Haven In Louisiana 


Last week, nine former research chimpanzees arrived safely at Chimp Haven in Louisiana where they will experience retirement living in a lush, enriching environment designed entirely for them.

“They’re here,” Chimp Haven posted on its Facebook page“We have new arrivals at the sanctuary and we can’t wait for you to meet them.”

A social group of five males and four females, the animals join more than 250 chimpanzees already enjoying retirement at the 200-acre forested sanctuary.

“It’s very exciting to welcome former research chimpanzees to the sanctuary,” Rana Smith, president and chief executive officer of Chimp Haven, said in a statement emailed to WAN. “The new arrivals bring us that much closer to transitioning all remaining chimpanzees out of research facilities.”

As per Chimp Haven, many of the new arrivals have lived together for years.

Tamblo, a 28-year-old male chimp, is sweet and quiet. He and Shahee, also 28, have been friends for many years. Together they will experience what Chimp Haven refers to as the “Chimp Life,” the opportunity to climb trees, explore the forest, feast on fresh fruits and vegetables and choose which chimp friends to spend their peace-filled days with.

Other new chimpanzees to the sanctuary include males Pimach, Piplin and Tohbi and females Mahi, Suhna, Gracie, and Josie.

Chimpanzees were once widely used in medical research studies contributing to the development of vaccines for hepatitis A and B, and treatment for hepatitis C. Chimp Haven was designated as the federal sanctuary in 2002 for the retirement and care of chimpanzees used in biomedical research and is supported through a contract with the National Institutes of Health.

In November 2015, the National Institutes of Health made a landmark decision to no longer support research using chimpanzees since new scientific methods and techniques essentially made their use unnecessary.

While Chimp Haven is excited to welcome nine new arrivals to the sanctuary, there is an urgent need to expand the sanctuary to accommodate more than 200 chimpanzees remaining in research facilities awaiting their chance for sanctuary retirement.

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