Justice Has Been Served! Nosey The Elephant’s Owners Arrested For Animal Cruelty

WAN has been following the story of Nosey the elephant and the horrific conditions she has been kept in for years. Justice has finally been served and Nosey’s owners have been arrested for animal cruelty.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s office has confirmed the arrest of Hugo & Franciszka Liebel and bond was set for $1,000 each. The Sheriff’s office said that the warrants for their arrests were issued three weeks ago but they decided to wait until after the hearing to be served.

In November, the Lawrence County District Court in Alabama finally issued a seizure order for Nosey’s notorious owner Hugo Liebel, who used Nosey for over 30 years to make money off of her in shows for entertainment, as well as for elephant rides.

Sadly, many unsuspecting people who saw Nosey had no idea of the horror she had endured.

Nosey has arthritis, and it is agonizing. Despite her debilitating ailment, her owner Hugo Liebel still used her for financial gain, even when it was visible that she had a hard time walking.

Nosey is a 35-year-old female African elephant. She was captured as a one-year-old baby after her mother and herd were killed. She has been performing since she arrived in the U.S., and has been with The Liebel Family Circus based in Florida for over 30 years.

Liebel has been cited over 200 times by the U.S.D.A. and has received 33 direct violations from the AWA (Animal Welfare Act). Yet, he was able to continue using Nosey to make money off of her.

Nosey also suffers from many other ailments including a terrible skin and foot condition, and is forced to continue to give elephant rides despite all of this.

Nosey’s transport from state to state is a tiny trailer, not adequate or in the least bit fit to house an animal of her size. She is also shackled by her feet barely able to move.

Last Friday, Testimony went well regarding the future of Nosey the elephant. Nosey was seized by animal control officers near Moulton earlier this year after a vehicle pulling the elephant’s trailer broke down, per WHNT 19.

“My concerns are that since 1994, if you look at the exhibits that were entered, the USDA has cited Liebel for the same violations, which are what we would call direct violations which directly affect her health and well being, and also the safety of the public,” according to Denise Gaug of the group Save Nosey Now. She added, “Insufficient barriers to contain an elephant puts the public at risk. Exposure to TB puts the public at risk, not to mention the inhumane conditions in which she’s been kept for over 30 years.” Gaug says Nosey has become the poster child for animal rights efforts regarding circus animals and other exotic animals hired out for show and display.

WAN is trilled that Nosey will now reside at The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee who will care for her well-being and every need, something that she has never seen in her 35 years on this earth.

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