It’s Not A Happy Thanksgiving For Everyone As DxE Releases Horrible Undercover Video From A Turkey Factory Farm


As people throughout the country are preparing for their Thanksgiving feasts, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is continuing to do what its name suggests. It is taking direct action where it is needed most and saving lives; this time rescuing turkeys from a modern turkey farm that has an estimated 10,000 baby birds crammed into small quarters.

In a new campaign released today, DxE released devastating footage obtained over the past nine months at a farm in Utah that supplies turkeys to Norbest, one of the largest turkey producers in the world. A company that claims its “practices are humane, with the health and comfort of the birds of paramount importance.”

NOT according to the results of the undercover operation conducted by the California-based animal welfare organization that seeks “total animal liberation” and advocates a vegan lifestyle.

“We found hepatitis, cannibalism and perhaps the most sickening crowding and filth I’ve ever seen at a nationwide turkey supplier,” said Wayne Hsiung, DxE’s lead investigator and attorney, who was on site to rescue an ailing turkey named Abby and many others.

The investigation also revealed heartbreaking and difficult to watch footage of suffering, dying or dead turkeys; all who were terrified of humans because they beat the turkeys to death with their hands.

DxE is reportedly planning demonstrations around the country this week to bring more attention to the cruel, inhumane and torturous ways the estimated 46 million to 100 million turkeys who will be killed for the holiday this year were treated before ending up as the main course for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fortunately, there are now fantastic alternatives to eating a turkey’s meat. Tofurky, Field Roast and Beyond Meat plant-based products are always a tasty option for those that want to prepare their own Thanksgiving meal. For people who prefer to leave the cooking to someone else, there are plenty of vegan restaurants, such as Veggie Grill, to choose from.

“Help us save them all,” mumbles an emotional voice at the end of the video. “They all deserve it.”

As Linda McCartney so wisely said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian.”

Or, even better, vegan!

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