NY Blood Center Continues To Deny Care For Their Chimps Used For Research

BREAKING! After several weeks of confidential discussions between The Humane Society of the United States and New York Blood Center, we are sorry to report that NYBC continues to deny its responsibility for the lifetime care of these chimpanzees, many of whom NYBC plucked from the wild, exploited for years, and then left to die.

Despite The HSUS’ offer to partner with NYBC and contribute substantial financial and expert support to care for the chimpanzees, NYBC offered only a tiny percentage of the money needed to provide proper lifetime care to the animals.

They refused to contribute even a single dollar to help build shelter or a facility to provide even rudimentary medical care.

NYBC continues to insist on leaving almost the entire financial burden of their despicable actions on animal protection organizations, the caring public and the government of Liberia.

Please contact the NYBC below and tell them that this is unacceptable and that they need to keep their promise, accept their responsibility and provide lifetime support for these chimpanzees! Thank you!

1. Email NYBC CEO, Dr. Christopher Hillyer directly at: chillyer@nybloodcenter.org

2. Call NYBC at: 212-570-3488

3. Take action on The HSUS website: http://bit.ly/2ceE9ng

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