The Obama Administration Bans Aerial Hunting In Alaska Of Wolves & Other Wildlife


Bravo to The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Obama administration for banning the aerial hunting of wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, and coyotes on public lands in Alaska.

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Every year thousands of wolves and wildlife are hunted from helicopters during aerial shootings in Alaska. The so-called “sport” doesn’t end there, bears and wolves are also stalked at night by hunters using lights to search for them in their dens, and then shot and killed for sport. For what reason you might ask?

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There are seven members of the Alaska Board of Game: A Safari Club trophy hunter, a trapper, a hunter and guide, an NRA member with a background in hunting and trapping, a trapper and bowhunter, and last but not least, a hunting lodge manager. That sure explains the asinine assault on Alaska’s wildlife.

During the past 12 years, in almost every game management unit, there has been a misguided effort to lengthen wolf and wildlife hunting and trapping seasons. This has also been happening in the opening season when pups are just being born, and a wolf bounty has even been proposed.

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It has been recorded that more than one hundred private pilots were licensed for aerial shootings while new born wolf pups are being gassed in their dens. The shooting is only one part the sick equation. Bears are also being snared and trapped in order to sell their body parts over seas for Chinese medicine. All of these disturbing methods to control and make money off of our wildlife have been approved and implemented in Alaska’s parks.

Alaska’s intensive management program has been called a “war on wolves and wildlife” and labeled “abundant mismanagement” (rather than “managing for abundance”).
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We must protect our wildlife and natural lands from all sport hunting and killing for profit. We thank the Obama Administration for implementing this crucial ban on aerial hunting in Alaska.

We must continue to put public pressure on Alaska’s park service to end all methods of trophy hunting, gassing, trapping, and snares used by hunters to kill for profit.

Please click here to contact the The Alaska National Park Service and tell them how you feel!

Source: A Humane Nation,

Photo Credit: Jim and Jamie Dutcher, White Wolf Pack, John Burch,,

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