Outrage As Cambridge University Defends Testing On Animals


A Cambridge University tweet linking to information defending the increasing number of animal experiments its scientists had conducted between 2013 and 2016 created a “storm of protest” yesterday among animal activists.

According to an article in the Cambridge News, the testing of monkeys, marmosets, and macaques’ in the city are most controversial.

Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning (CAP), a collaborative venture opposed to the multi-national pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca’s testing lab based on Cambridge Bio Medical Campus, is reportedly planning to launch a “Twitter storm” in response to what they deem to be the university’s “flippant” attitude towards animals.

“These cold statistics mask incredible animal suffering. It is shameful that Cambridge University continues to be a major user of animals in experiments. The use of animals in research is outdated and fundamentally flawed, failing to reliably predict potential human effects,” stated Tim Phillips, National Anti-Vivisection Society campaigns director.” Our universities should be championing modern research techniques not living in a cruel past.”

As per the data released by the University, “in 2013 a total of 36 monkeys were tested, 42 the following year, 59 in 2015 and 52 last year.”

Mice, zebrafish, sheep and guinea pigs were also among other animals tested that were referenced in the report.

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