Outrage Ensues As Zoo In Sweden Admits To Killing Nine Healthy Lion Cubs

A zoo in Sweden has euthanized nine healthy lion cubs since 2012 because it reportedly could not afford to keep them.

The CEO of the zoo, Bo Kjellson, explained to Swedish broadcaster SVT that he also “resorts to the controversial practice if the animals cannot be moved to other zoos or if they are rejected by their group.”

He also said to The Perfect World Foundation, “that it would have been possible for the lions to be sent to Africa, but they never thought about that as an option.” The Perfect World Foundation would have done everything in their power to help find the lions a home, even if it would have been to send them to a reserve in Africa.

Over the past six years, 13 lion cubs were born in three litters at the zoo, of which two died of natural causes and two survived. The remaining nine were apparently senselessly put down.

Founded in 1962, Boras Djurpark is an animal park about 25 miles from Gothenburg that has been home to more than 600 animals of 65 different species, most of which are born in captivity.

As per euronews.com, the zoo maintains numerous breeding programs in order to maintain its genetically-varied wildlife population.

But when the animals are no longer needed, Kjellson said it would be normal for them to be euthanized if they could not be rehomed. This is sickening and completely unnecessary.

“It’s no secret in any way and we do not try to hide that we’re working this way,” said Kjellson. “So, it’s, unfortunately, a natural path for groups of lions.”

Natural? WAN cannot fathom how this can in any way be justified as “natural.”

According to Kjellson, the current group of lion cubs work well, but some of them may become surplus animals in which case they will be placed somewhere else, or tragically, be put to death.

Sadly, lions are listed as a “vulnerable” species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Endangered Animals.

“I think we need to contemplate on why it’s important for us to have zoos and if it’s worth the price the animals pay for it,” noted Helena Pedersen, a researcher in critical animal studies at Gothenburg University who acknowledged that the practice of putting down healthy animals in zoos may surprise and upset members of the public.

Yes, it does. Zoos are a thing of the past. We encourage everyone to help real conservation efforts and animal welfare organizations on the ground who are trying to save these critical species from extinction. They were born wild and free and must stay that way!

Don’t buy a ticket.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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