Overstock.com Is Finally Over Selling Angora; They Join More Than 230 Major Retailers Banning Rabbit Fur!


Online retailer Overstock.com has ended its sale of angora-wool items and removed all products made with the fur from its inventory; marking the latest of more than 230 other companies that have publicly banned angora.

Overstock.com decided to ban angora “after learning from PETA that gentle rabbits scream in pain and go into shock when their fur is torn out on angora farms.”


“PETA hears every day from people who want to shop vegan and support retailers that share their values,” PETA’s Director Anne Brainard said in the release, “Overstock’s kind decision shows that consumers and companies alike are rejecting an industry that plucks rabbits bald without painkillers.”

Other retailers that have banned angora include Anthropologie, ASOS, Calvin Klein, French Connection, Gap Inc., Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos and Zara among others.

As recent as September of last year, French animal rights group One Voice released shocking undercover footage of how Angora rabbits are treated when bred for their fur.


The horrific footage which was taken at six farms across France over a six-month period captured heartless farmers roughly ripping the silky fur from the bodies of these poor beautiful animals who are unnaturally condemned to a life of isolation spent in small, dirty wire cages.


Shamefully, on Angora farms, the hairs are savagely plucked from the rabbits in an effort to obtain the longest fibers possible which garners a higher price.

“The rabbits are in pain, they are in shock and they scream.” “It is very difficult,” said Muriel Arnal, the president and founder of One Voice in an article in the Independent.

According to One Voice, they seek to end animal experiments, to end the use of animals in circuses, and to protect farm animals, pets, and other animals.



The biggest problem of all, according to WAN, is that these sweet, innocent animals are being put in a position to be literally plucked alive for someone to wear. If the public knew what was happening to the rabbits who are tortured to make a sweater or hat, we guarantee that they would never buy anything made from angora again. This barbaric practice needs to end!

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