Pamela Anderson Opens Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant In The South Of France

Outspoken animal rights advocate Pamela Anderson has opened a new vegan pop-up restaurant in the South of France, La Table du Marche.

The “festive, glamorous and vegan” eatery located inside the exquisite Moulins de Ramatuelle, opened its doors on July 4th and will remain open for a mere 50 days.

Established to offer a “gourmet, chic and romantic alternative,” as noted on Pamela Anderson’s website, the exclusive eatery is a collaboration with French chef Christophe Leroy.

The Pamela Anderson Foundation supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines of the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights. By funding the efforts of those who inform and defend the planet and all who live within it, the Pamela Anderson Foundation is an agent of change and an advocate for justice.

WAN’s partner IAPF International Anti-Poaching Foundation is among the many animal and environmental organizations that The Pamela Anderson Foundation supports.

Donations to The Pamela Anderson Foundation can be made Here!

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