Paul McCartney & Family Release Film To Promote Going Meat Free!


Paul McCartney and Meat Free Monday have released a new short film that reveals the devastating impact of animal agriculture on climate change; a topic that is often left out of discussions at the annual UN Climate Change Conference.

The film, One Day A Week, was strategically released prior to the start of this year’s conference which begins next week in Bonn, Germany.

Narrated by McCartney, the film describes how the beauty of the planet only exists through a delicate balance of climatic conditions; a balance that is dangerously being disrupted by mankind’s insatiable desire for animal products.

“There’s a simple but significant way to help protect the planet and all its inhabitants,” explains Paul McCartney, who has been vegetarian since 1975, in the film. “And it starts with just one day a week. One day without eating animal products can have a huge impact in helping maintain that delicate balance that sustains us all.”

Mary and Stella McCartney, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone also appear in the informative short which was largely funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and produced in collaboration with French film director Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Hope Production

The film also boasts Paul McCartney’s own music, tracks from his 1997 classical music album Standing Stone, as well as an unreleased song called Botswana.

The Meat Free Monday campaign was launched in 2009 by the McCartney family with the goal of inspiring people to change their diets and help the planet.

The successful campaign has resulted in many of the world’s leading authorities on climate change endorsing meat reduction as an effective way of fighting global warming.

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