Peace 4 Animals Promotes A Plant-Based Diet & Supports Farm Sanctuary With New “Save A Life This Thanksgiving Adopt A Turkey” Billboard Campaign In Los Angeles

When World Animal News recently reported on Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt A Turkey campaign, its charity, Peace 4 Animals, felt compelled to take it to the next level by way of a billboard campaign in Los Angeles. The campaign encourages people to adopt a turkey this Thanksgiving rather than having one for dinner.

“During Thanksgiving I would always see promotions for specials on where to purchase a Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner but never anything about sparing a turkey’s life,” said Katie Cleary, founder of the nonprofit and its animal news network World Animal News.  “As millions of turkeys are killed each year for this one day alone, I felt something needed to be done to send a loud message to choose compassion on your plate and change the way we’re conditioned to think about farm animals in this country; to actually make a connection to what we are eating.”

Peace 4 Animals’ “Save A Life This Thanksgiving Adopt A Turkey” billboard is strategically located on the highly-trafficked 405 San Diego Freeway near Inglewood Avenue in the city of Lawndale in Los Angeles County.

“Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday for vegetarians and vegans in the U.S., as up to 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for a feast that is supposed to be about gratitude and the celebration of life,” stated Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder Gene Baur. “Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has challenged this violent tradition and sought to transform it with a more compassionate alternative through our Adopt a Turkey Project.”

As previously reported by WAN, for only $35.00, anyone from anywhere around the world can sponsor a turkey this Thanksgiving, the turkeys were all saved by Farm Sanctuary and live at one of the organization’s shelters located in Watkins Glen, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

“When you ‘adopt’ a turkey, you receive an adoption certificate that you can display at work or any place where it will remind people that turkeys are living, feeling animals who deserve to be treated with kindness,” continued Baur. “You can also ‘adopt’ a turkey, or several turkeys, as gifts for friends and family members.” The fee to adopt the flock is only $150.00.

“Spreading awareness about veganism is among the many critical issues Peace 4 Animals strives to address on a daily basis and we welcome the opportunity to support other like-minded organizations such as Farm Sanctuary to amplify this important message,” shared Cleary. “The holiday season is an ideal time to encourage people to incorporate a plant-based meat-free diet into their lives. Adopting a turkey instead of having one for dinner this Thanksgiving is a gratifying step in the right direction towards a more compassionate world.”

Please join Peace 4 Animals, WAN, and Farm Sanctuary in making this Thanksgiving a compassionate one for ALL and sponsor a Turkey TODAY! 

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