Peace 4 Animals & WAN Promote A Plant-Based Diet This Holiday Season With New Billboard Campaign In LA


Peace 4 Animals raises awareness about what’s on your plate during the holidays with a new billboard featuring a baby lamb, turkey, and pig that reads, “Choose Compassion This Holiday Season #GoPlantBased.” 

Located in the city of Carson, along the 110 Freeway, near SouthBay Pavilion and several neighborhood shopping centers, the billboard receives thousands of impressions daily, targeting drivers heading southbound to Long Beach/San Pedro in Southern California.

“It’s about making the connection to what’s on people’s plates,” stated Katie Cleary, founder of the Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Peace 4 Animals. “It’s about where the animals come from, and the fact that they are living, breathing, feeling beings who deserve to live out their lives with dignity and respect.”

“It’s hard sometimes to even remember what the holidays are really about,” shared True Blood actress, Kristin Bauer, after viewing the impactful billboard. “In today’s climate, I’m more reminded than ever that they should be about love, loved ones, gratitude for all we have, to give to those in greater need and to think of those less fortunate.”

“This just can’t fit with supporting torture and suffering being inflicted ON any other living being,” Bauer continued. “It’s also just not my place to decide who lives or dies, so I continue eating a plant-based diet in the spirit of giving back to this beautiful planet that sustains my life. I’ll be choosing compassion for all God’s creatures.”

Spreading awareness and encouraging a plant-based diet is among the many critical issues Peace 4 Animals advocates for, along with rescuing farm animals from slaughter.

“Millions of animals are killed during the holidays for consumption when we should really be celebrating life and adopting a more compassionate lifestyle,” concluded Cleary. “The holiday season is an ideal time to encourage people to incorporate a plant-based diet and is a gratifying step towards a more compassionate, peaceful world, which we need now more than ever!”

Choose Compassion This Holiday Season #GoPlantBased 

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