Peace 4 Animals & WAN Launch Billboard Campaign Thanking Firefighters & First Responders In Los Angeles This Week


Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News launched their new billboard campaign to thank the dedicated firefighters and first responders from the Los Angeles Fire Department who work tirelessly to save the lives of people and animals alike.

The first of two billboards went up yesterday on Ventura Blvd. near the corner of Vineland Blvd. in Studio City. The towering message of gratitude is a reminder of their heroic efforts fighting the recent California wildfires.

Next week, a billboard featuring firefighters and first responders saving a cat from a wildfire will be launched on Ventura Boulevard and Otis in Tarzana.

Last week, the Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News team also partnered with Veggie Grill to co-sponsor and deliver vegan meals to local firefighters and first responders in the San Fernando Valley in appreciation of their important and lifesaving work.

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