Peace 4 Animals & World Animal News Launch “Trophy Hunters Put The ‘Con’ In Conservation” Billboard Campaign In Other Cities Throughout The U.S.

Peace 4 Animals and its World Animal News (WAN) network recently launched their powerful new anti-trophy-hunting billboard campaign to protect threatened and endangered species around the world from becoming someone’s “trophy.” The first major billboards landed this month prominently near major airports in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Now, people worldwide are requesting to have “Trophy Hunters Put The ‘Con’ In Conservation” billboards put in specific states throughout the country.

To accommodate expanding the reach of these critical billboards, the leading animal welfare organization and its animal news network have created a way to turn a clever idea inspired by a painful visit to this year’s Safari Club International Trophy Hunters Convention in Las Vegas, into a national anti-trophy-hunting campaign to protect the last of our precious wildlife before it’s too late.

Where do you want our next billboard to be?

Texas? Michigan? Florida? New York? Washington?

Animal lovers can vote now through March 15th for their choice on @Peace_4Animals and @WorldAnimalNews Instagram under our announcement on February 27th.

Peace 4 Animals and WAN will then announce the results and begin the fundraising campaign during which people can donate to help fund each billboard.

After the first location is secured and sponsored, fundraising will begin for the second most popular location on the list and so on.

There is also an opportunity to fully sponsor a “Trophy Hunters Put The ‘Con’ In Conservation” billboard in a location of the donor’s choice. Billboards solely sponsored by companies or organizations have the opportunity to have their logos displayed next to the organizers.

“We are thrilled that the public is responding so positively to our anti-trophy-hunting billboards and want to make sure that they are placed in as many states across the country as possible. Together we can save our earth’s most precious species from extinction,” said campaign organizers from Peace 4 Animals and WAN. “The billboards send a strong message to begin a much-needed national dialogue revolving around the fact that trophy hunters do not help save animals’ lives, they take them. Trophy Hunting is not Conservation. Sadly, the hunting industry is motivated by money, not by the best interests of innocent animals or ensuring their survival when in danger of becoming extinct. It’s time for animal advocates everywhere to unite, take a stand, and be a collective voice for the voiceless.”

Billboards range between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00, so each contribution to the campaign helps tremendously.

Ideally, the next billboard could be placed at the beginning of April which is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

Hunting and killing innocent animals in the name of a so-called “sport” in order to leave with an ego-driven “trophy” is sick and unacceptable in this day and age and must end!

Help us be a voice for the animals!

Donations to Peace 4 Animals can also be made HERE!

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