Peace 4 Animals & World Animal News (WAN) Sponsor End The Yulin Dog Meat Festival Billboards In Los Angeles

Two new billboards calling for the end of the horrific Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China are now dominating space on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles.

The billboards went up last night to coincide with the conclusion of this year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival, because action and awareness must continue in order to prevent the festival from taking place again next year.

Created and sponsored by Katie Cleary’s leading non-profit animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals and her World Animal News (WAN) network, the compelling, eye-catching signs carry monumental messages which are especially relevant during this time.

Looming over LA’s traffic are the impactful words and images that raise awareness for two of the many issues Cleary and her team relentlessly tackle every day, animal welfare and veganism; whether it be by raising funds and granting donations to help animals in need, breaking and covering animal news and issues that must be brought to the forefront, or sponsoring the first ever vegan themed racecar at Daytona and Talladega this year.

“The time is now to end this sickening so-called ‘tradition’ of the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival in China,” said Cleary who together with her non-profit and news network promotes the incredible work of Marc Ching of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation who is currently on the ground in China rescuing and saving dogs and cats who would have otherwise been killed for their meat. “In addition to supporting the fight against Yulin, we wanted to sponsor these important billboards as part of a necessary and ongoing awareness campaign. The world has spoken, now it’s time to end the dog and cat meat trade.”

Cleary founded Peace 4 Animals in 2012 based on her inspired vision for a world where all animals live in peace and are protected against harmful human interference. Peace 4 Animals provides awareness and campaigns promoting co-existence with wild and endangered species, as well as ways to protect these animals in their natural habitat. Peace 4 Animals also works tirelessly with domestic animals and educating the public about the importance of rescuing animals from local shelters, rather than buying them from breeders or pet stores. In addition, the multi-faceted non-profit raises awareness to the horrific practices of factory farming and promotes a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Hailed as the CNN for Animal Welfare, World Animal News (WAN) highlights the latest breaking animal news from around the world with guests ranging from top animal welfare organizations, animal experts, and celebrities who are passionate about raising awareness about the most crucial animal issues worldwide. WAN not only shares the news with its gripping stories, it shares solutions of how people can get involved and make a real difference!

Cleary is also the creator and executive producer of the 2015 Award-Winning Documentary “Give Me Shelter” which aired on Netflix and is scheduled to air later this year on another major TV network.

Please support the amazing work of our friend Marc Ching and his heroic efforts to stop the dog and cat meat trade by donating to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Here!

Donations can also be made to Peace 4 Animals Here!

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