(Pedals Law) Has Been Released For Vote By The Full Senate

(Pedals Law) S2702 to end bear hunting for good in New Jersey, has been administratively released for a vote by the full Senate.

Public outraged grew when word got out that Pedals the famous up-right walking bear, was shot and killed by a hunter in New Jersey’s first bow and arrow hunt in 40 years.

Pedals was one of the 562 bears who’s lives were taken by careless hunters in the six-day blood sport this year.

Because of caring individuals who have spoken out on social media about the senseless killing, the senate is finally considering the protection of black bears in New Jersey.

New Jersey State Senator, Raymond J. Lesniak’s requested that (Pedals Law) should be posted for a vote by the full Senate on November 14th.

“Power of the people who support animal protection in action.”

Source: Senator, Raymond J. Lesniak


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